Parents, Students, Educators:
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TEN is a survey platform and feedback tool that aligns the voices of educators, students and families to build community responsive schools.


Set Community Priorities

Use TEN’s research backed survey to connect with your families, students and staff to define your school’s priorities.


Provide Teacher Feedback

TEN’s powerful feedback tool provides meaningful and actionable insights for your teachers on their practice.


Transform Education

Work with TEN staff and nationally recognized community responsive educators to turn insights into school transformation.

Teachers, school administrators, engaged parents — let’s talk about bringing TEN to your school:


"TEN has allowed me to really reflect on my teaching practice and set specific goals that have allowed me to become a better teacher overtime."

Sharim Hannegan-Martinez, teacher | OAKLAND, CA


TEN has helped me humble myself and take critique from all angles. I’m embracing how can that critique can impact my teaching for the better.

Laurence Tan, teacher | OAKLAND, CA