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About TEN

TEN brings together teachers, school leaders, students, and families to build community responsive schools and classroom cultures that lead to engagement and success. 

TEN is designed by nationally acclaimed teachers and education researchers to find, develop and share the qualities that make schools exceptionally effective in equitably serving their students and community. 


Teachers, school administrators, engaged parents — let’s talk about bringing TEN to your school:


Priorities Survey

Families, students, teachers and school leaders take the Priority Survey to select their school’s priorities.

- Priorities are backed by 20 years of educational research in urban education

- Common language instead of academic jargon

- Provides powerful analytics on your community’s preferences by race, gender and role


Feedback Loops

TEN’s Feedback Loop reengages your community to provide feedback to your teachers based on your school’s chosen priorities.

- Provides honest family and student feedback

- Teachers get quantitive and qualitative data on their practice 

- Disaggregate your data to drive strategic decisions to support teacher development  



Compassionate Professional Support

Work with TEN staff and nationally acclaimed community responsive educators to implement your school’s strategic insights from the Priority Survey and Feedback Loops. 

- Develop a common language based on the stakeholders direct input via Priority survey results.

- Focus on bridging the gap between day-to-day teacher practices and community needs for effective learning.

- Scale equity and excellence through relevant professional development and transform instruction and school culture.



Teachers, school administrators, engaged parents — let’s talk about bringing TEN to your school:

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